suacoverInitially, it’s a little hard to pin down Brooklyn’s Suā (pronounced: sway). When we first heard their self-titled EP in December, we could tell there was a lot going on. Masterfully bending time and tempo changes, not afraid to take stylistic risks in the middle of a tune, and with the confidence that only mastery of their instruments can provide, Suā blew through four songs that were both angular and breezy at the same time.

Now, all signs point to the idea that Suā is about to break out. Big. Tight, propulsive rhythms, guitar flourishes that owe as much to Robin Guthrie as to Kevin Shields, and that smoky voice laying over the top of it all. Suā is coming out hard. You’ve been warned.

The new EP “Twins” is set for digital release July 16, and a physical release later this month. On the eve of their newest, lushest and most accessible music yet, we chatted up this talented crew to find out what makes them tick.


Suki: vocals
Brian: guitar
Leigh: guitar
Oleg: bass
Cinque: drums
DKFM: First question we’ve been asked about you, the band name itself. What does it mean, where does it come from?

Suki: It comes from the Chinese word for sleep, which is usually spelled “shui.”
Leigh: We just liked the way it looked this way better.

DKFM: Given the talents each of you bring to the table, you’ve all come from other bands before arriving here? What kind of music did you play?

Cinque: All kinds of bands…everything, really.
Leigh: He’s a jack of all trades.
Brian: Leigh and I started this band around 5 years ago actually.  It’s changed a lot since then…but we all played different kinds of music over the years.

DKFM: We’d love for each of you to cite the biggest influence on you as musicians.

Oleg: Well, friends of mine got me back into playing music again around 4 years ago after some time off. In particular this heavy folk band from Connecticut, Call it Arson inspired me to start playing again.
Suki: Guided by Voices made me want to write pop songs
Cinque: Max Roach and Bjork
Leigh: Pixies. I learned a lot from them.
Brian: Fania All-Stars

DKFM: How did this group of talents finally come together?

Cinque: We fucked and fucked.
Suki: It was really a spiritual orgy.
Brian: We all met through mutual friends in Queens.  Even Suki.
Leigh: Brian and I met at PacSun
Cinque: That sucks.

DKFM: What we’ve heard of the new EP sounds pretty masterful. What do you think it’ll take to be able to finally say, as a band, “Suā is a success”? When will you know you’ve reached your goals?

Suki: When we get a song on “Girls.”
Oleg: When making music is how I make my living
Cinque: When I get to add pages to my passport
Leigh:  When I’m sponsored and get free gear.

DKFM: What’s on your iPods right now?
Leigh:  Queens of the Stone Age
Oleg: Swervedriver
Suki: Jon Hopkins
Brian: The Radio Dept.
Cinque: Ol’ Dirty Bastard
DKFM: What comes after the new EP? Touring plans? Or straight back to songwriting?

Leigh: Playing a lot of shows, getting our name out there.
Cinque: Spreading our musical seed.
Brian: Writing more.
Suki:  I wanna play CMJ again.  And SXSW next year.

DKFM: Fluffy question: what do you like to do in your spare time?

Brian: I play video games
Oleg:  Playing guitar and reading
Suki:  I read often and I go to a lot of shows
Leigh:  More music.
Cinque:  Drums.  And rock climbing.

DKFM: Anything else you’d like to tell your new fans about your plans, independent music, life in general?
Leigh: Well, we’re really proud of the EP we’re releasing.  We did everything ourselves and are excited for you all to hear it.
Suki:  We’re planning to press vinyl…
Leigh: We want to release another record later this year, too.
Brian: Our first full-length, we hope…

You can find Suā music on Bandcamp, interact with them on Facebook and Twitter. Then you can say you were there before they got big. ;