Plaintive lead lines played over crunchy power chords. Cavernous male/female tandem vocals. Carefully crafted soft/loud dynamics. Hints of heartbreak and loss. We first heard the debut single “Spin The Room” from Reverse at the end of April, plugged it into New Tracks Weekend, and it graduated to regular rotation only two weeks after. Texas’ Reverse are making a BIG sound that transcends any “regional” tags. While some comparisons could be made to Nothing and early Whirr, even this sells them short. There’s a directness to this sound, and a clarity of songwriting neither band has done quite THIS well. This is the sound of a band that expects to be taken seriously.

We’re not in the habit of interviewing bands who have all of ONE SONG to their credit. What if they’ve got nothing else? What if it was a fluke? Reverse admit this single is a teaser for a self-titled album, “coming soon”. We broke our own rules to find out what’s going on with these talented musicians and songwriters. Jacob Dominguez, vox/guitar for Reverse spills a few secrets for us.

DKFM: Obvious opener: how did THIS team come together, to produce THIS music?
Jacob: When I started this band I wanted great musicians who I’ve never worked with. I got Gabe on guitar first cause the dude can play. He was always one who couldn’t play what you taught him your way. If you played an A-chord, he would purposely play it a different way. I loved it. I did a post about wanting to start up this band and Jasmine asked to join. I was hesitatant at first because I didn’t know her on a musical level, but when you hear her sing you know why she’s in the band. She has a great voice and a great love for the music we were doing. I knew Nathan from hardcore bands and I needed a drummer badly. I didn’t know if the transition to “softer” music would be smooth to the point of it would be so natural. Yet it was. Day one, he had a great fill to follow every song and everything was coming together. Evan asked to join and I thought it was a joke because Evan is a character. I blinked and he was at a practice jamming with us and I couldn’t be happier that he’s in the band. He’s good on bass, great on guitar. Everyone came from a different musical background. We somehow found a way to blend all this craziness together to create “Our” sound.
DKFM: What bands have helped influence and shape your sound?
Jacob: The band everyone wants us to say is Whirr lol but actually 2 of our members never heard of them before joining the band. To best sum up the bands that influenced us in writing our music are bands from the 90’s. Of course bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Lush, and Swervedriver influenced us in a HUGE way. But bands like Hum, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, and The Toadies were a big part of it too. We are the type of band that can listen to almost anything and find an influence to write a song. Currently The Cure’s Disintegration is taking a big toll on our writing process.

DKFM: Tell us about the album! When, how, where, when and when? And what can we expect from the full LP?
Jacob: The album is an 8 track self-titled LP. We recorded it with Phillip Odom at Bad Wolf Recordings in Austin in early February. He did a phenomenal job on the record. He was a big part of helping us find what we were looking for in our heads. And made our wall of guitar noise sound huge. We are extremely proud to be releasing it soon, hopefully in June, and will be working with some great people on the release of it. I think you can expect a lot of diversity in the album. Not every song is slow or influenced in the same category as the next song on the track list. We tried hard to make all the songs different, yet tie in in some way, shape or form. Lyrically we tackled a lot of subjects that some of us have recently dealt with. Love, depression, life, and death. And we worked on not making every song a typically heartbreak song. Overall for us we think it’s just a mature sounding record. And SOON everyone will hear it.

DKFM: Any plans to tour behind the album when released? Do you expect to pull down some dates outside of Texas in support?
Jacob: As of right now we will be doing the first week of July with Hemingway (6131 Records) from Portland. We will be doing New Mexico to Louisiana and we are extremely stoked on that. In August we will be up north with Iris from Canada. We will be in Boston, Philly, Cleveland, and some dates in Canada. More is being announced in the upcoming weeks.

DKFM: I know you’ve suffered some crappy comparisons from lazy writers trying to describe the Reverse sound. How would YOU describe what you’ve done here?
Jacob: Controlled chaos. Five completely different music backgrounds trying to meet at point B smoothly. It’s hell. A lazy writer could probably describe it better than me, ’cause half the time I don’t even know, but to try my best to describe our sound is melancholy chords strumming  away in the noise while laid back, drowned-in-reverb leads take over, while simultaneously losing itself in the controlled chaos we call music.


DKFM: What comes next for Reverse?
Jacob: Heavy touring to promote the record. Getting it heard by many and growing in this process. This band at times seems like a fluke but we try to ignore it and push on. We are actually writing right now and got a new three songs for the next record. We are excited for the future of this band.
DKFM: Finally, any parting thoughts for our audience (and your new fans)?
Jacob: First of all, thank you for listening to us and downloading our song on our Bandcamp. That means a lot to us. Anyone interested in us, feel free to email us or talk to us on Twitter. And we hope we can be in a town near you. Hopefully soon we can even be at the DKFM spot and check out the station. Thanks for the interview, and soon y’all will hear our debut LP.

Follow Reverse on Bandcamp, and keep up with their exploits (and tour schedule) on Twitter.