One of our listener-voted top five singles of 2013 is now represented by a video, with news of a release date for the full album. The Lees of Memory teased everyone last year with a single that made us weak in the knees. Now “We Are Siamese” is a video, as well as a commercial / promise for the upcoming LP Sisyphus Says, due 9/16 on SideOneDummy and available for preorder.

The ex-Superdrag stalwarts couldn’t pick a better time to show off their chops, as the effects-laden sound itself has returned to vogue, and these cagey professionals can write a tune capable of outshining most of the current crop of coulda-beens. It’s not a Tennessee thing, it’s a professional musician mastery thing. If you weren’t aware of The Lees of Memory’s epic debut, it’s time to catch up.

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