Only three months until the year comes to a close. Seems like it went so fast! As the year has continued, we’ve been gathering the votes for our big Best of 2013 show. This list includes our most popular tracks, as voted by DKFM listeners, that have been released in the last three years. By and large, our biggest vote-getters so far are all 2013 releases.

Between now and the end of the year, many of these tracks will change, some will climb the ladder, some will slip a few pegs, and some will fall off the list completely. But as of today, September 24, these are the most popular tracks we play, as tabulated from the last two months of listener voting. Equally balanced between shoegaze and dream pop, and representing countries from Japan to Australia, Canada to Denmark, Mexico and the USA.

  1. Wild Nothing – Data World
  2. Stumbleine – The Beat My Heart Skips
  3. kigo – now you know
  4. Virgo Rising – To Deal Without It
  5. Waldo & Marsha – Bloom
  6. Candy Claws – Into the Deep Time (One Sun)
  7. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Endless Shore
  8. Wavering Hands – No Constant
  9. Snowden – The Beat Comes
  10. Tied to the Branches – 9 Times
  11. Soft Shadows – Whatever You Say
  12. Lost in the Fog – Suicide Parade
  13. The Sorry Shop – Star Rising
  14. White Poppy – Drifter’s Gold
  15. IO Echo – Ecstasy Ghost
  16. Sea Oleena – Milk
  17. Beaches – Granite Snake
  18. The History of Colour TV – I Knew It Was Wrong But I Did It Anyway
  19. Chain of Flowers – Sleep
  20. Drowner – Stay With Me
  21. Suā  – Welcome
  22. The Machine Room – Sweden
  23. Fleeting Joys – Kiss a Girl In Black
  24. Yast – Believes
  25. Decades – Can You Love Me Now

More great releases will drop before the end of the year. We’re still waiting on brilliance from The Telescopes, Solar Powered People, The Stargazer Lilies and Be Forest. Remember, as the year draws to a close, it’s now more important than ever to vote! The Top 50 of 2013 doesn’t select itself!