Top 20 tracks for March (the week ending March 29th). Gives a snapshot of where we’re at in the year, what releases WE’RE pushing, and what our listeners are responding to. Some tracks here have climbed up and down these charts in the last several weeks, so the rankings themselves are less important than landing on the chart itself. Three tracks have carried over from February to March, and held their own. Why even pay attention to semi-monthly charts? Gives a clear indication of what tracks will slug it out for our year-end best-of honors.

No commentary, just the list. If you hear the tracks, you’ll fully understand why they’ve charted, and hopefully you’ll find a new band to love. Webradio programmers who follow us? You probably know 85% of these, but a few selections may help fill out your playlists. Trust me, we learn as much from you as you from us. Terrestrial radio programmers? Sorry, this is probably too cutting-edge for you. Good luck.

20. Since Always – “Under the Gun” **
19. Gleam – “Isn’t Real” **
18. Deep Fields – “Salazar”
17. Makaras Pen – “Aperion” *
16. Brilliant Beast – “No Fate”
15. Pinkshinyultrablast – “Umi” *
14. Alpha Male – “Deep Architecture”
13. mumrunner – “bond”
12. Aerial Love Feed – “Raise Up”
11. The Spectors – “Like Sand”
10. Crisis Arm – “Coy” (PTP Session Version) *
9. Indoor Voices – “What Can I”
8. Nevermind Me – “Lose You”
7. Carnival Animals – “El agua en la que tú nadabas”
6. Salsa Cinderella – “Glad You Came To Me (Haunted)”
5. Native Lights – “Blue Star”
4. Winnebago – “Miles Away”
3. Westkust – “Swirl”
2. Tennis System – “Here We Go”
1. Cheatahs – “Sunne”

* 2nd month on chart
** Denotes new add in the last week

What makes this show “historic”? It’s not, really. At least, it’s as historic as Jay Z’s announcement of another paid streaming service. But, if that’s historic, so is this. Who said history couldn’t be entertaining?