nothing-logoNothing are set to break out big, folks. The album Guilty of Everything is set to drop March 4 in North America, and right around that time in other countries via Relapse Records. They’ve built up a large and loyal following by doing it the good old fashioned way: touring, touring, hard work, talent, and more touring. Most recently you may have seen them in your neck of the woods opening for Whirr, or perhaps Weekend.

Meanwhile, Relapse Records has been dipping its toe into shoegaze waters, first with “stonegaze” True Widow, and now with Nothing, and that’s gotten more folks keep an eye on Relapse, just to see what new surprises they have up their sleeves.

Meantime, Dominic Palermo and Co. bring both the noise and the beauty on “Bent Nail”, the second released track from their forthcoming album. If you haven’t fully been sold, wait til 1:45 in, and you’ll hear a confident band bring the plane in for a perfect landing.

It’s always nice to see good things happen to good people. Nothing have worked hard to get here, and it seems like success is knocking on their door.

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