In advance of the release of their debut self-titled LP, San Antonio, Texas band REVERSE lends us the exclusive album stream for your ears. And it’s a real treat. Male and female voices join over swirling guitars, with songs of heartbreak and loss. On the eve of their upcoming tour, REVERSE is ready for you to hear what they’ve been cooking up for you. If you’re not hooked by the first hazy power chord in “Blind”, come back when you’re less busy. You’ll get the premise, we assure you.

The band was kind enough to give us a track-by-track breakdown of the LP, but if you just need the music, full album is presented immediately below.

The REVERSE tour of the US and Canada kicks off in just over a week, running through California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, not to mention Montreal and Toronto, Canada.

With Hemingway
7/1 – Fresno, CA (no Hemingway)
7/2 – Fontana, CA (no Hemingway)
7/3 – Albuquerque, NM
7/4 – Oklahoma City, OK
7/5 – Denton, TX
7/6 – Austin, TX
7/7 – San Antonio, TX
7/8 – Houston, TX
7/9 – New Orleans, LA TBA
Iris & Reverse
U.S. & Canada tour
8/14 – Toronto, Canada
8/15 – Montreal, Canada
8/16 – Boston, MA
8/17 – Philadelphia, PA
8/18 – Cleveland, OH
Jacob: I wrote this song in 3 minutes. I had a shitty day and I came home and turned on my reverb and delay pedals, and out of nowhere this riff came out. It soothed me. I remember kind of getting lost in it, which told me this was a keeper. I didn’t want to add, change, or lose anything about this riff so immediately I thought this was a cool interlude. Gabe suggested that it should be an intro and I thought that was great. I wanted the lyrics in this to be a statement and forward about my thoughts on death with a loved one. My friends at the time lost 2 friends in a matter of months and I remember thinking about the tragedies and thinking if they could say one last thing to them what would it be?  “I will wait for you.” Something simple. Something strong. Something beautiful.
Jasmine:  This song was an amazing intro, I wasn’t aware of this song until the day of the studio. It was sort of laid on me out of nowhere.  This specific song includes three vocalists, we all like the aftermath of our voices being combined. I knew all of our voices were going to fit perfectly with each other.
Jacob: This is about being overwhelmed. As the lyrics are on many things I deal with daily. Depression, love, fatherhood, and life.  This was one of the first songs we did as a band and this song was the song that made me believe Jasmine was perfect for the band. We would have acoustic practices so we could play directly to each other without amps, drums, and effects. In the practices if you messed up it was easy to point you out, yet when we played this one she sang it perfect. It gave the rest of us confidence that she was going to be a great main vocal point of the band.
Jasmine: Everyone was a bit confused as to what the lyrics in this song actually meant, to me it made me think about a relationship that wasn’t quite working out. A lot people would be able to relate to these lyrics, that’s what makes this song such a great piece. When we all had this song laid out on us, we knew this song was going to be easy to work with. My vocals during the studio, they were a bit shaky due to my nervousness, but I knew the lyrics at the top of my head like it was nothing. I liked the vibe this song gave.
Jacob: This song is a favorite for all of us. We play it perfect every time and this song just has a ton of energy. I came into practice with the verse and chorus and the guys turned my 1 minute of music into a very cool loud diverse 2 ½ minute track.  In the studio Phillip Odom (Bad Wolf Recordings), our producer for the record, made Jasmine change just about every vocal melody in this song while I was asleep on the couch. I remember waking up and everyone stared at me getting ready to listen to this “new” song with the new melodies and Phillip and Jasmine transformed the song to a better version. It has more of an alternative influence to it mixed with Creepoid like vocal mix.
Jasmine: Recording this song in the studio led to many imperfections, my voice was too low at first but when we continued to work with it we found a perfect melody that fits the style of this specific song. The title explains the song entirely, I literally sound like I’m “fading” away.  The fast pace of this song was extremely fun to work with, it made me feel like our band could accomplish many things since we have several slower songs and a few fast ones.
Jacob: I love unusual chord progressions and chords. I was messing with 3 chords. F, Em, and Em7. I’ve never done a progression like that and I loved it. Lyrically this song is about feeling useless. Knowing that you’re just a waste to someone but oddly enough you are ok with it. At least content with it. This song is lighter because the main rhythm section of this song is a clean strumming tone. Something I’ve never done. I wanted everything about this song to be forgettable because I wanted the listener to focus on the solos. When I write solos for our songs I just jammed them out and make it whatever I think just sounds cool. But this song is 1 of 3 songs where I really worked out the solo. Not only made it sound cool but so catchy you couldn’t forget about it. Our first set live was ok. The crowd looked like we were just ok but when we played this song and the solos hit everyone was feeling the song and enjoying it and I knew we did something right with this one.
Jasmine: When I was recording this song in the studio my heart was pounding, I wanted to get it over with. Because I was the only person singing in this song, I was worried that I wasn’t going to sound as great as I would in “Spin The Room”.  Hearing this song for the first time during practice I just couldn’t wait to record it in the studio, it was honestly my favorite song in the end.
Jacob: Unfortunately death is all around. We lose people too soon. This song is about a girl who took her life. It’s in our point of view after the tragedy has occurred. The song is on the subjects of denial and disbelief. Yet leaving a warm memory of the deceased loved one. Yet the lyrics aren’t to direct. Letting the listener think the song is about whatever you want it to be. When the band got together to write this Jasmine’s vocals stood out most on this track. And with the rhythms in this song it was fun for all of us to play and record. I’m a big My Bloody Valentine fan and musically this song is like a big medley of influences from that band. Kevin Shields is a Guitar God. Period.
Jasmine: Playing this song at practice, we had a lot of trouble figuring out a comfortable way of getting us to play this song in our own way. My voice ended up being softer than usual, that’s why I loved working with it. This song is more romantic than the others, the lyrics spoke a story that I could relate to in a huge way.
Jacob: We all got together and Gabe said “Does anyone have anything new?” and I played the intro to Spin The Room and I remember he said it was a weird out of key riff, which it is. But with the lead over it, it ties it all together and creates a “Beautiful Disaster “of a sound I love. We jammed the riff and immediately we had a progression to follow it and an arrangement. We love jamming stuff. Songs you can sway to and lose yourself to a sort of lazy soothing dance.  Plus it gives me room to do solos I can get lost in. The song is about all aspects of love. I usually don’t write stuff too forward about love. I feel almost embarrassed singing a song I wrote about love. We did the whole song at practice and when it got quiet, it was just my guitar and me. In a big echoed garage 6 people just heard me sing “In my head, you never left. I don’t want to go back to reality” and when I realized they heard me, everyone said they liked it and that was the song.
Jasmine: Everyone was stoked on this song being released first and all. This was a teaser for the album; it got a lot of attention driven to it. I loved working with Gabe he’s an amazing vocalist and didn’t know until he joined this band. The music video was dramatic and this was honestly the most difficult song to work with while in the studio. It all became settle as we joined together to fix our imperfections, I first thought I was going to be the only one singing but as soon as Gabe was included as a surprise we were definitely amazed by his talent. Although I’m only included partially, the intro to the song gave a lot of attention to the people who heard the track.
Jacob: We love music from the 90’s. Hum to The Smashing Pumpkins, to The Toadies. The main progression in this song is used by The Pixies and The Toadies. I just wanted to use that progression and Gabe and Evan took it and ran with it.  It was one of the first the band did together and it’s my favorite to play live. Not because I sing it but because it gives me a break from guitar and I just let the guys do their thing. The song is about being ok with the worst. Life sucks but hey you are used to it and just roll with it.
Jasmine: We all agreed this song had a “Pixies” sound to it, being Jacob wrote it. I liked this track a whole lot, even though I wasn’t really saying words in this song, I think my voice fit well in the end.
Jacob: This is my favorite track on the record. We mess with nice chord shapes and progressions on this. Me and Gabe put to pieces of a riff we had and turned that into the intro and verse and from there he ran with it. Lyrically the song is about just going away from your problems. Going to the unknown but knowing even though you don’t know what’s ahead of you, you know it’s going to be better then what you got now.
Jasmine: This is an amazing ending to the album, even though I’m not included in this song this had to be my entirely favorite track. Gabe’s voice is amazing when he sings solo. The lyrics are almost like if someone were taking a trip from home and left a bad place.

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