DKFM is contracted with SoundExchange to pay royalties to the artists we play for playing their work. Sadly, MILLIONS of dollars of digital royalties go unclaimed by the artists and publishers responsible. Many internet-streaming stations are part of the same system, paying SoundExchange on a per-play/per-listener basis. As supporters of independent artists, we are DOUBLY concerned that our artists should not only generate greater exposure and sales due to our airplay, but should also be paid for the airplay we do.

SoundExchange today (8/15) released a list of more than 50,000 recording artist and record label names owed tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed digital performance royalty payments. This list also includes more than $31 million in royalties buy flagyl uk that are three or more years old


In recent weeks, SoundExchange has begun to send letters to broadcasters who are streaming their signals on the Internet without paying their SoundExchange royalties.  Despite all of the publicity about Internet radio royalties and the controversy about the rates for those royalties, there still seem to be webcasters unfamiliar with their obligations to SoundExchange.

Some artists have complained about the AMOUNT of personal information SoundExchange requires for royalty registration, as well as lack of PayPay or direct deposit options, and certainly that’s a personal choice. But if you are one of the artists WE play, we’d like to think you’re getting the most exposure AND the royalties you deserve for airplay on DKFM.