It dropped mid-December last year via Nasiono Records. Promo slipped past us while we were paying attention to “big name” releases. Now we’re sorry we failed to recognize this jewel at the time. Poland’s KSAS (Karol Schwarz All Stars) released Hi, Mom (named for a black comedy that was one of Robert De Niro’s first movies) December 14 of 2013, and it’s a beautiful pastiche of space rock, dream pop and shoegaze flavors.

Once we dropped the needle on “One Time”, we knew we’d found a slice of heaven. Starting as a lovely dream pop track with abundant reverb, about 2:45 in, the guitars start floating off into space behind the vocals, and by 3:15 we’ve landed in a beautiful shoegaze maelstrom. As soon as we realized our omission, we got it on air immediately. And we’re pretty over the moon about it.

Haven’t heard a prettier tune this year so far. Highly recommended.

Find all KSAS releases at their Bandcamp site, and via their record label, Nasiono Records.