velvetmorningscomfortOne of the brightest, most focused sounds of the summer comes from Copenhagen, Denmark. Polished, self-assured and ready to rock, Velvet Mornings has dropped an EP full of earnest shoegaze-tinged tracks that sound like echoes of the past, but perfectly new. Harmony, jangle, reverb, angst all mixed together in a blender, structured in accessible songs that sound good enough for a major label release.

Four tracks added to our New Tracks Weekend rotation on August 9th, initial reaction has been nothing but positive. A great balance of dreamy and dirty, Velvet Mornings produced the “Comfort” EP themselves, and show they’ve got a great mastery of production, talent and songwriting.

Much as Young Minds hints at what Velvet Mornings are capable of, with ringing guitar, plaintive vocal line and big harmony, the track Close says even more about their songwriting ability. Shades of modern alt-rock mixed with Swervedriver and Ride, this journey into angst gets ever more intricate toward the middle, as we follow the guitar into reverb-drenched heaven.

Founded in September 2012, Velvet Mornings “Comfort” EP sounds like folks who’ve spent years refining their soaring sound. Ignore at your peril.

velvetmorningsshoegazeGet Velvet Mornings’ “Comfort EP” at their Bandcamp, follow them on Facebook and YouTube. And, as always, hear tomorrow’s artists today at DKFM.