It certainly ain’t punk. Can’t rightly call it shoegaze. It’s more like a fever dream of haze and rhythm, laying catchy choruses on complex, fuzzy chords. Formed from the wreckage of two bands we’ve never heard of (okay, Night Manager and Ganglians, but we’ve already digressed), this …sound …made us stop everything and pay attention. It’s nothing you’re used to, but it demands your attention. I have no doubt the band members wouldn’t call it important, but we’d be hesitant not to. It’s properly produced but stanchly lo-fi, it’s tuneful but angular, and it has teeth. Bent, misshapen teeth, perhaps, but don’t be surprised if you get bit.

Posting one track. You’ll find the rest on their Bandcamp. We don’t love one of them more than the other, they’re all unique and twisted snowflakes. It’s just a sample. Stop being critical.

Find Blood Sister on Bandcamp
and on Facebook. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.