In advance of next week’s release of Echodrone’s fourth full album, Past, Preset and Future, the San Francisco quartet tease the effort with this exclusive streaming premiere of “The Past or the Present”. The third track on the new LP is part post-punk, part cut-through-the-fog rhythm section, with accompaniment by spacey, plinking keyboard patterns. This electric journey culminates in layers of guitar churn and vocal layering, as each element adds counterpoint to the next.


Studios have been buzzing about the new directions taken by Echodrone on Past, Preset and Future. Formerly languid epics are now replaced by tightly-focused three-minute opuses, each trying to appeal to broader audiences through more instantaneous gratification. Recorded in fits and starts for the better part of two full years, it never seems like this album is a scattered effort; quite the contrary. Having charted the band’s progress since the release of their self-titled LP a decade ago, it’s the next logical step for Echodrone. Sharpened tunefulness, propulsive rhythms and creative flourishes, this is the evolution of a carefully curated sound. And a promise fulfilled.

Preorders available now, full album releases 23 January, with limited edition vinyl to follow. Keep up with the Echodrone countdown to release via their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Catch up on ALL Echodrone releases via their Bandcamp site.