Perfect trifecta (quadfecta?) of releases tomorrow, with some of the most anticipated music of the year. Wichita Recordings brings us the self-titled full length from Cheatahs tomorrow. While some of these tunes will be quite familiar to you from prior singles and EPs, they still produce some of the most compelling music in the genre, and their time has arrived. These fuzzy edges don’t dull on repeated listenings.

Up next via Graveface Records, The Casket Girls bring their second LP, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale. A haze of absinthe and regret, this is psych-tinged pop music bent sideways. You can tell a lot of care went into the production of sound and harmony, and these tunes will stick to you like a thick country gravy. Initial anthemic singles “Same Side” and “Holding You Back” only solidify the notion that this will be in heavy rotation on your turntable for the rest of the year. Deal flagyl online 200mg with it.

Lilies on Mars bring Dot to Dot, via Saint Marie Records. While we have no advance promo on this one, if the lead single “Dream of Bees” is any indication, this should be a heady, blissful dream-pop concoction. We’re rather looking forward to what the rest of the album has in store.

NOT to be forgotten: Soft Science drops Detour, via Test Pattern Records tomorrow. Crunchy sounds, sweet vocals, this is some of the tastiest sound California is likely to serve up this year. We promo’d two singles last weekend, be assured we’ll pin your ears back with additional awesome tracks this week. Heavy rotation in studio this past weekend, heavy rotation on air starts tomorrow. If you weren’t able to keep up with us this past weekend, this is what you missed out on:

Soft Science – Feel from Test Pattern on Vimeo.