The sparkling Bay Area trio Bellavista had a pretty big 2017, dropping their long-awaited album Sun and Skyway last June, to much critical acclaim. So it came as a bit of a shock that the lads already had a follow-up single waiting in the wings. If you’ve worn out the grooves on the LP, Bellavista is far from done. DKFM is well proud to present the streaming premiere of “Feline/Nocturnal”, due imminently via the Bellavista Bandcamp and other fine outlets.

If you notice anything immediately, the whole team is in top form for “Feline/Nocturnal”. The rhythm section is particularly sparkling, with Cary LaScala’s drums popping like popcorn, Jeremy Bringetto’s bass always anchoring Rex’s flights of guitar fancy. From strength to subtlety, his hazy guitar signatures on this offering are classic Rex John Shelverton, but with hints of Johnny Marr at the edges. These are top musicians in peak form, and “Feline/Nocturnal” reminds us what’s so special about their unique sonic signature. Bloody gorgeous.

Single release is imminent, probably this weekend. As the LP hit all our critics’ lists for 2017, expect more groundbreaking sounds from this impressive trio going forward. Follow Bellavista on Facebook, and on their Bandcamp site, and catch the fever for yourself.


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