Best band you’ve never heard of? If you live Stateside, or in Asia, quite likely. Denmark’s Waldo & Marsha have released two stellar EPs to this point, and we’ve been looking forward to the new LP release via A:larm Music / Universal Music. But the original two EPs they released, both critically acclaimed in the European Union, are still unavailable anywhere else.

When we first heard the full sound of ‘Made You’, we knew there was something special happening in Denmark. We contacted them immediately to find out more. An eight-man band producing such dreamy sounds, we’ve even joked on air that all they’d need is one more to form a baseball team. No matter. If that’s the kind of manpower needed to produce their trademark lush sound, so be it. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Over several EPs and singles, Waldo & Marsha showed they were fully in command of their sound and direction, and sounded like they’ve been producing these aural textures for a decade.

Now we await May 21st, and the release of their debut full-length LP Zoo. The teaser single is the first track they’ve described as ‘dream pop’ instead of ‘shoegaze’. Still dreamy, still richly textured, slightly different feel. New direction for the band? Hard to say at this point. What we do know is that it will likely be mature, polished, sonically awesome, and probably impossible to get outside of the EU. The single is called ‘Circular Surprise’, and was teased out on their Soundcloud a week ago.

We’ve been enthusiastic supporters of the Waldo & Marsha phenomenon since we backed into this sound six months or so ago. If you love the shoegaze and dream pop sound, we rather dare you to get halfway through ‘Bloom’ and not fall head-over-heels in love. What starts darkly but traditionally breaks mid-song into a soaring flight of guitar and reverb that would make Ride green with envy.

Whether they can duplicate this impressive triumph is yet to be seen. What we can say is that Zoo should be an amazing journey to follow as this band is poised to take over the world. Even if you can’t buy their music at your corner shop yet.

Update: The debut album is streaming here prior to its European release on Tuesday, May 21.

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