Over the weekend, Seattle’s most respected musician and producer debuted the first single from his upcoming third full LP, Lost in Slow Motion, releasing April 29th. Erik Blood’s “Quiet” is a most unusual creature, in that it seems to present a dream pop anthem (two terms you don’t generally see together). Simultaneously released with a video produced by Kyle Porter of Unsound America, the visual layers overlap in much the same way Erik Blood’s sonic elements overlap, merge, then disconnect. Layers of synth wash set warm tones, chimes add tasteful sparkle, and slowly building choruses give way to a grimy guitar flourish at song’s end, punctuating the proceedings.

Erik Blood’s “Quiet” is now available for free download via his Soundcloud site, and will genuinely pique your curiosity as to how the album will unfold. Lost in Slow Motion is available 29 April, 2016, on vinyl through Homeskillet Records, and on cassette from No Genre Tapes.

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