We have a hate/hate relationship with Vimeo. Sometimes it quits before it really begins. So imagine how important it must be for us to share a Vimeo video with you. Yes, that important.

San Francisco’s One Hundred Percent have been kicking around for a little bit, we’d never heard or noted them til we got a note in our inbox. We fell in love with “Lowbar” within the first minute. The first single from their first full-length All Teeth and Nails, and it’ll grab you. We first rolled “Lowbar” out to our listeners October 11, the full album is released November 9 on 20 Sided buy metronidazole cheap online Records, and (having heard the sneak peek) there’s a number of jewels here we can’t wait for you to hear. If there is a dump nearby, these boys will blow the roof off it.

Lowbar from One Hundred Percent on Vimeo.

They describe themselves as a “loud-as-Hell” rock band, but we hear everything from Sonic Youth to MBV to U2 to Camper Van Beethoven. This “tidal wave of noise” may just save American rock and roll, ladies and gentlemen. Someone had to do it. And it’s about damn time.

Hate Vimeo? Listen here:

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