If shoegaze and dream pop were a market, we’d be “long” Tennis System.

Why? What does this band do that others don’t? Songs. Hooks, feelings, musicianship, surely, but the key is songwriting. Ultimately our Tennis System fandom lies in the fact that they write quality songs, then bathe them in fuzz and shimmer. But the songs come first, they’re not an afterthought. This is key, in a genre that sometimes cuts corners, that in some cases is willing to settle for texture, color and reverb alone.

And it didn’t happen overnight. Tennis System have been through several lineups, and slogged it out in the trenches of recording and touring for years prior to the release of Technicolour Blind on PaperCup Music (our #6 Album of the Year in 2014). The album proved they were ready for the spotlight, and they’d got their how can i order flagyl online chops down. Now, on the eve of their month-long residency at The Echo in LA, Tennis System release a new video for ‘Such a Drag’, one of the more shimmering, wistful tracks on the album.

Quintessentially Los Angeles, the video for ‘Such a Drag’ by Wylde Co. gets both the locale and mood just right. These are feels, set to hooks, set to visuals, and it all comes into focus for the uninitiated. We dare you not to get hooked yourself.

Tennis System residency at The Echo began last night, and continues through the end of the month. If you’ve not caught Tennis System live, it’s a rare treat we wholeheartedly recommend.

Follow Tennis System via their website, on Facebook and Twitter, and pick up Technicolour Blind via PaperCup Music.