The new single from Italy’s The Yellow Traffic Light dropped today on WWNBB Collective. Sharing some similarities with the jangly DIIV sound, and bringing an energy and tunefulness all their own, “Cole Drives Too Fast” delivers a mildly controlled chaos, much like an out-of-control driver on a highway late at night (even the drums seem near to flying away at times!). The video itself premiered last week on, the single is now available worldwide through your favorite retailer. It’s the first salvo from their new EP, scheduled for release on We Were Never Being Boring in September. Another fine signing by a well-respected label.

The Yellow Traffic Light charted at #32 in our year-end Songs of 2014 list with the epic “Care”, so we can only hope they continue to bring the jangle and shimmer before the year is out!


“Cole Drives Too Fast” is available now via Amazon, iTunes, and even eMusic. Follow the progress of The Yellow Traffic Light on Facebook.