Following extensive European tours in support of the critically loved 2016 album Psiconáutica, Elefant Records standout Linda Guilala surprised everyone this morning. New video, new single due 26 January, and it’s a gossamer anthem. Surrounded by capable musical veterans, it surely seems this project is fully ready for global respect.

The song itself is supported by warbling keyboards with light psychedelic flourishes, all supporting a soaring, hazy anthem that’s instantly hummable.

Released 26 January, in a 7″ single format limited to 300 copies, this sounds like a promise kept to legions of international fans, and a breakout to folks only now discovering the talent and tunefulness Linda Guilala has been celebrated for. You can preorder yours at the Elefant Records website starting now. Already, “Primavera Negra” seems set to break our charts in early release,

Early PR puts it this way: “Leaving behind the hits from an album that brought them wide renown both nationally and internationally, this new release from the group formed by Eva, Iván and Mari continues embracing that disconcerting, uneasy wall of sound inherited from My Bloody Valentine, but here it becomes melancholic and dreamy, far from the urgency that prevailed on their last album.” Call it whatever you like, we’ll call it an instant classic, and surely a rotation staple in 2018.

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