DKFM is proud to premiere the music video for “Follow”, Crisis Arm’s first single from Caterwaul.

Dense, impressionistic, and full of cats. Crisis Arm drops their first video for “Follow”, and it’s a pretty perfect fit. Low-fi, DIY, more than a little hazy, and perfectly suited to their sound, Crisis Arm kicks it up a notch to promote the first single from their Caterwaul LP. This track has been in heavy rotation in our studios and on our airwaves since it first hit, so it’s a bit of a joy to see “Follow” in a whole new light. Also, it may compel you to wash your car.

Caterwaul is available now in cassette + mp3 format for a ridiculously low price from Family Time Records. Follow Crisis Arm on Facebook and Twitter. And, as always, hear them on DKFM.