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Austin’s incomparable Bloody Knives released the first single and video for their forthcoming EP, I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This. Tuneful, compelling, bleak, nobody makes an amazingly joyless noise like Bloody Knives. Your closest comparison is A Place To Bury Strangers, and still, this is not that. Signed to Saint Marie Records since forever ago, Bloody Knives have brought a controlled chaos to their output that is strong enough to peel paint from the wall near your hotplate. This single only amplifies the band’s aesthetic, and stakes a claim to dominate the noisier axis of shoegaze in 2016. “Reflection Lies” is all that and a bag of crack. All hail the kings.

Plans for a Spring tour are in the works, including several dates along the West Coast. We’ll keep you posted as we learn them, because we (like you) really don’t want to miss this live show.

Follow Bloody Knives on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their prior releases via Bandcamp.

Uncompromising and unapologetic, Spectres continue to evolve into a listening experience best described as harrowing. By the time you get mid-way through the EP, “I Was In a Box” has already grabbed you by the collar, shaken you violently and demanded your lunch money. Both tuneful and dissonant, Spectres bring both melody and noise, steady rhythm and time changes. At no point in time is it possible to look at your watch, or put the kettle on. Spectres have demanded 110 percent of your attention, and by God you’ll give it to them.

You can draw a straight line from Jesus and Mary Chain through more modern acts like A Place to Bury Strangers, The Lost Rivers and 93 Million Miles from the Sun, and end up with Spectres. While they have perfected a soul-crushing noise wall, they’ve set it against a strong rhythmic backdrop, and then slow the proceedings down when your ears start to beg for mercy.

These Bristol lads have pretty much summed it all up in their Facebook description: We are loud. We were born. We are playing music. We will die. Truly, they’ve left all the rest up to you, the listener. Hard to pick but one track to feature, this is the one we’re currently grooving to.

Released March 11th, and available on vinyl through Howling Owl Records, find Spectres – Hunger EP at their Bandcamp

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