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Today Shojo Winter released their debut video, for the single “chosen terrors”. The lead track from their forthcoming second EP somewhere else, this single further explores Cure-era textures and moods they’d dabbled in on their first EP. They’ve described it as dreampostgothwave, so obviously they’re going for an entirely different feel than you’re used to. Though Shojo Winter is fronted by Crisis Arm members Kevin and Pat, this is an exploration of an entirely different moody world. “Chosen Terrors” is shot entirely by Pat and Kevin on VHS and color reprocessed, with Cameron and Chris of Crisis Arm providing editing and finishing services.

The track “chosen terrors” itself is haunting, almost impenetrable, but grows more and more with repeated listenings. The song itself is about being uprooted, leaving the home you’ve known for years, and stepping out into the unknown.

Official release of somewhere else on SalopeCassette on December 18th is kicked off by two release shows: Friday 18 December at The dA Center for the Arts, and Saturday 19 December in Lawndale. somewhere else will be a limited cassette release, including a download code for the first two Shojo Winter EPs.

Check out our earlier interview with Shojo Winter for more background, follow Shojo Winter on Facebook, and harass them on Twitter. Follow Salope Cassette via BigCartel.