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Roogaze, Psychfest, New Tracks Weekend. Wherever you are on this big crazy planet we call home, rest assured we will entertain you with fresh new sounds all day and all night*. We’re long on new music from Mexico’s Car Crash Sisters, who’ve finally dropped their new EP, ‘The Crystal Garden’. We’ll also go deep with new releases from Shana Falana, Dream Suicides, Loners and Cheatahs. The NTW time machine will revisit recent releases from Haunted Hearts and Regular John, plus we’ll shovel in the new singles from Kigo, Lights That Change, White Walls, Casting Circles, New Candys, The California Death and Sonic Jesus. Finally, we’ll go deep in the weeds with Weed. Yeah, we just went there.

Let’s not forget our newest releases from Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Dear Tracks, Californian Sleepovers, Dreamwave, Memory Clinic, Midwest Moms, Luke Johnson, Nic Hessler, Late Night Jazz, Nai Harvest, Heat-Ray and a metric ton more. All the weekend, in one weekend. That doesn’t even make sense.

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Roogaze 2015: WIN THE WORLD.

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The third and final installment of our series on the epic Roogaze festival in Melbourne on May 9th (event link: Roogaze 2015) features our chats with Kigo, Miners and Contrast. If you’re just catching up, check out our previous installments here and here. As we’ve described before, Roogaze is the largest shoegaze / dream pop themed event of its kind since LA’s Shoegaze Fest three years ago, and featuring heavyweights in a scene that crosses arbitrary national boundaries. We’ll shut up and let them tell the story.

DKFM: How’d you get all mixed up in this sprawling blissful mess of a show?

Jack Crook, Contrast: I got really excited about an idea to do a Cure tribute show after I was overseas and missed a Mary Chain one featuring some of my favs like Black Cab and Bloodhounds. I pitched it to a bunch of the bands on the bill and they were all super into it. I kinda got buried down with work and recording so Gabe from Lowtide kindly took the reigns and whipped it into the show it is now, which is far beyond what I was capable of anyways. Hats off mate.
Nick Johnson, Miners: Gabe from Lowtide actually messaged me personally about the show, which was a pretty neat surprise. I forwarded it on to the others and we all pretty much jumped at the opportunity, we’ve never played Melbourne before and thought this would be the perfect introduction for us. We thought it was really nice of him to consider us.
Dwayne Pearce, Kigo: Gabriel from Lowtide asked if I’d be interested in playing, and I jumped at the chance to be a part of this festival.! It was opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

DKFM: Have you ever been involved in a shoegaze-specific event of this size?

Dwayne Pearce, Kigo: I’ve never played something this big before; I feel a little overawed at the moment. I’m really nervous to be honest; super keen to play, though.
Nick Johnson, Miners: Nope, never before. Most shows we play in Sydney tend to vary a bit stylistically. We usually play with people that aren’t necessarily in shoegaze-sounding bands, but they’ll have a vague connection to us sonically and we all end up complimenting each others’ music in different ways. Zeahorse, Beast & Flood, The Nuclear Family, Caroline and Hound are all perfect examples to name a few, we love those guys and the shows we’ve done with them have all been awesome! But to get the opportunity to jump on something that’s unapologetically and emphatically designed to celebrate shoegaze music; it doesn’t come up much, if at all, so it’s awesome.
Jack Crook, Contrast: We once played a show similar on Australia Day involving some of the bands on this bill and a few other main Melbs contenders like Flyying Colours and VHS Dream, but it wasn’t run by the bands, which seems to really shine through on this particular show and even though it was still a great day, this one seems to be executed in an exceptionally razor fashion. There is more focus on how special it is that we have all these bands in Australia.


DKFM: Are you familiar with the other bands on the bill, and who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Nick Johnson, Miners: We’ve played with Lowtide and Day Ravies before in Sydney, so to be able to play with them again and watch them play too is always a good thing. I think we’re all pretty excited to see Contrast, they’re pretty great. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Kigo a lot as well. From what I have heard he doesn’t play live much, so I’m very excited to see what it’s like, knowing I may never see it again. Luna Ghost and Bloodhounds should be awesome too, we haven’t heard Hideous Towns before so looking forward to checking them out as well. Fuck it, the whole day is going to be great, we’re pretty excited to meet and hang out with can you buy flagyl in usa everyone and watch their sets.
Jack Crook, Contrast: We’ve had the pleasure of playing with all the bands on the bill besides Miners and Kigo, so it will be great to see them. All the bands on the bill are incredible in their own way so I can’t wait for all of them, but I don’t get to see Day Ravies as often as the others from Melbourne and in my eyes they’re the bloody cats pyjamas.
Dwayne Pearce, Kigo: I am familiar with most of the bands on the line-up. I can’t wait to see Lowtide again, and the other interstate bands I haven’t ever seen before. Each band brings something different to the table, and I can’t wait to see everyone on the same bill.


DKFM: Do you think it’s possible to pull off an event this size, and this focused, again?

Jack Crook, Contrast: Yeah definitely. Australia is outta control with this sorta shit. Plenty of my fav Aussie bands could be mentioned for round 2 like The Laurels, Parading, Flyying Colours, VHS Dream and my little brother’s band Mosaicz just to name a few.
Nick Johnson, Miners: Yeah, I think there’s a definite interest. And this lineup is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so many bands doing really great stuff that’d fall under the ‘roogaze’ bracket for sure, you could put this bill on for at least another couple years and still stop short of the awesome stuff that’s floating around at the moment. Bands like Cull, Blonde Tongues, The Laurels, Roku Music, Love of Diagrams, Beaches, T54 and Popstrangers over in New Zealand – the list goes on.
Dwayne Pearce, Kigo: I’d hope so. I can totally understand if this is a once only type thing, though. I can only imagine how tough it was to organise this. I really think that it will be something truly extraordinary, and who knows, it may NEVER BE REPEATED – hint – buy a ticket as soon as you can!


DKFM: Do you realize that fans around the world are right now looking at Australia, and talking about THIS event? How does that make you feel?

Nick Johnson, Miners: It’s pretty exciting. It’s easy to internalise all the music and forget that people are actually interested in what we do, so to know that even people on a local level are interested, let alone anyone around the world – it’s a great feeling.
Dwayne Pearce, Kigo: It feels both terrifying, and surreal to be honest. I feel like such a small part of such a thriving scene. As far as the show goes, I really can’t wait to see everyone play. Maybe we should take this show on the road sometime? Sounds like fun to me.
Jack Crook, Contrast: It seems like the psych/shoegaze/dreampop scene in the UK and America is thriving and fans of the genre are really engaged with who and what is happening all over the world. It just so happens a bucketload of it is going on here. To me I think we’re lucky to have such great likeminded bands we can go watch all the time, it’s just a shame our country thrives on a mainstream-radio-based market and it feels underappreciated here. Even though I guess its a ‘shoegaze revival’, I think everybody in Aus has a knack for acknowledging influence but not abiding by it. Because there is certainly a formula to this music, but it needs to be fucked with and I’m glad people overseas have recognized Australian bands are doing that. There’s this supportive, non-competitve community here for it to exist in. I think that’s the key.

Set times have been announced for Roogaze 2015, and are posted here. All times Melbourne local. Given the intense international interest, it is advised that those planning to attend purchase tickets in advance through this link.

12:00 Day Ravies
11:15 Contrast
10:30 Bloodhounds On My Trail
9:45 Miners
9:00 Miniatures
8:15 Blush Response
7:30 Lowtide
6:45 Kigo
6:00 Luna Ghost
5:15 Hideous Towns

Part Two in a series… Melbourne, Australia hosts the event of the year in Roogaze 2015, featuring the best and the brightest in the Australian shoegaze and dream pop scenes. We dug for answers about this incredible event, and got responses from Blush Response, Luna Ghost, Day Ravies, and Bloodhounds on My Trail. If you’ve heard of every one of these bands, it may be because they’re heavy rotation staples on our air, and probably in your hearts as well. Missed our first installment? Check it here.

DKFM: How did you get involved in this incredible festival?

Sam, Day Ravies: The event has been organised by Gabe from Lowtide. Day Ravies and Lowtide have played a bunch of shows together, all of them have been quite memorable nights. We were lucky to be invited by Gabe.
Chris, Luna Ghost: There was an open discussion among band members about putting on a similar gig to a recent Jesus and Mary Chain tribute started by Jack from Contrast, and me being a smart ass self-nominated my band to jumped on board! Then everyone gave their two cents with the organisation and it went from there.
Bloodhounds on My Trail: Well credit has to go to Jack of Contrast for getting the ball rolling. We were asked to play a set as part of a JAMC tribute show so we promoted on FB. The Crook suggested we local shoegazers should organise our on tribute night to The Cure. A whole bunch of Melbourne gaze bands then put their hands up and so the idea was formed. Gabe from Lowtide then got his teeth sunk it to it and it evolved into the massive line up it is involving interstate bands as well. We are thrilled to be a part of it.
Alister, Blush Response: I paid a small fortune for a guy to sneak into Gabe’s (Lowtide) room while he slept and whisper “ask Blush Response to play Roogaze 2015” in his ear, every night for a month.

DKFM: Have you ever been involved in a shoegaze-specific event of this size?

Chris, Luna Ghost: We’ve played a few gaze specific shows around, especially recently, but not to this size. Melbourne is a great place for like minded bands to get together and put on shows. This one looks to be one of the best shoegaze lineups we’ve been a part of for sure.
Alister, Blush Response: I pose a counter question: Has a shoegaze event of this size ever occurred? I’d wager my tremolo arm that, no, this is the biggest. Ever.
Sam, Day Ravies: No, I can’t say we’ve ever been involved in an event of this kind of theme.
Bloodhounds on My Trail: Not at all. We’ve played that JAMC tribute which had a good long line up of bands but wasn’t really gaze. I’m hoping this could be a yearly thing!

DKFM: Are you familiar with the other bands on the bill, and who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Alister, Blush Response: Definitely. Is ‘everyone’ an acceptable answer? No? Ok. Kigo and Bloodhounds on my Trail. Very keen.
Sam, Day Ravies: Yeah, I’m most looking forward to Contrast, Miners (I see them all the time but never get sick of them) and Lowtide who always rip live.
Bloodhounds on My Trail: Everyone! Of course. It’s a lineup that we’d be excited about even if we weren’t playing at. I’m gonna say Miners, Blush Response & kigo since I’ve not seem before.
Chris, Luna Ghost: Our band has played with most of the local bands on the bill a fair bit, we always love playing with Contrast, Bloodhounds On My Trail, Miniatures, Hideous Towns. I am especially keen to play with Lowtide, as we’ve never shared the bill with them and really love their music. I’m also pretty excited to see some of the interstate acts (Day Ravies, Miners, Blush Response and kigo).

DKFM: Do you think it’s possible to pull off an event of this scale again?

Bloodhounds on My Trail: I really do hope we can do it every year. Even if it’s all self indulgence haha.
Sam, Day Ravies: Surely, Melbourne is the right place for it.
Chris, Luna Ghost: For sure. It’s great to get together and put on things like this. There’s even a few more acts that could’ve been added to the bill (eg. Crimsonettes, Lunaire, Flyying Colours who i think are out of town) so there’s always demand for these kind of shows especially around here.
Alister, Blush Response: Never again. That’s why everyone should definitely come to this gig.

DKFM: Do you realize that fans around the world are right now looking at Australia, and talking about THIS event? How does that make you feel?

Sam, Day Ravies: I hadn’t thought about it like that at all, Certainly is exciting.
Chris, Luna Ghost: That’s pretty great to know. I feel particularly lucky to be in Melbourne with all these great acts. There’s no ego and we all love each other’s music. Any week we can go and watch one another’s band play around for cheap so it’s pretty much a big community now. It’s quite humbling to know there’s even attention outside of Melbourne let alone worldwide!
Bloodhounds on My Trail: We know we’re part of a special lineup. It funny living here you almost forget how many great Aussie gaze bands there are right now until you see the lineup, get excited that every band on it is awesome and finally realise it’s all Aussie! Puts it into context. We are greatful to be a part of it. And by all means any crazy gaze fans that wanna come to this from overseas, I gotta couple of spare rooms 🙂
Alister, Blush Response: Well, uh, nervous now that you’ve said that..

Check out the Facebook event page for this epic festival known as Roogaze 2015 here. Then lend us a thesaurus so we can find another good word for “epic”. Thanks.

What began as a simple idea of a few shoegaze and dream pop bands coming together to do a tribute to The Cure (shortly after Robert Smith’s birthday, no less) evolved as a premise. What had been a tribute show in a small venue became a much more ambitious festival, showcasing the talents of the genre’s best bands. Jack from Contrast originally pitched the idea to like-minded musicians, and now Gabriel Lewis of critical favorites Lowtide has built a sprawling bill that looks to be the biggest collection of talent since Part Time Punks’ Shoegaze Festival in LA three years ago. We caught up with a few of the principals from Lowtide, Miniatures and Hideous Towns in this, our first-in-a-series spotlight on what is now known as Roogaze 2015 on May 9th in Melbourne, Australia.

DKFM: How did you get involved in this incredible festival?

Gabriel Lewis, Lowtide: This show is the result of two gig ideas merging. One was for a smaller tribute night (hence the sub-heading on the artwork – there may be covers but it’s no longer an essential thing to do, although I think all bands are still trying to learn songs) which got the ball rolling, and I’ve always wanted to put on a big show given how many bands were popping up. I felt they really needed a way to celebrate what a rich, and supportive scene there is here with some kind of showcase.
Chris MacLean, Hideous Towns: Jack from Contrast came up with the initial idea after missing a similar style gig while he was overseas. There was a ridiculous level of interest immediately within the Melbourne band circle, so I guess we were just there at the right time along with everyone else, so psyched about being a part of it!!
Ché Walden, Miniatures: The idea was initially thrown about on Facebook and we immediately jumped aboard the hype train, I guess we were lucky enough to get in early!

DKFM: Have you ever been involved in a shoegaze-specific event of this size?

Chris MacLean, Hideous Towns: Not at all. We’ve had the pleasure of playing with all of the Melbourne bands on this lineup but never in one huge show so this is super badass. The fact that a bunch of interstate bands that are absolutely killing it are involved as well just makes it all the more exciting.
Ché Walden, Miniatures: There was a similar event a few months back for Australia Day, insofar as it was a bunch of psych/gazey bands playing for most of an afternoon and night. This however feels like the first to our knowledge to be really organised by the bands and, to be honest, for the bands.
Gabriel Lewis, Lowtide: Not at all. Locally, shows are usually more genre blended for better attendance. I’m hoping that a narrower focused field will be able put a bigger spotlight on the scene. I wanted to hold a mirror up to the bands and say, “Look how amazing you are. You should be proud!”. I’m convinced that the strength of the lineup alone can get a great turnout.

DKFM: Are you familiar with the other bands on the bill, and who are you most looking forward to seeing?

Ché Walden, Miniatures:  It’s crazy, we love every other band on the bill and have played with a few of them many times before. It’s actually becoming a bit of a circle jerk in places. Chris our bassplayer is the guitarist from Hideous Towns, Jack from Contrast is filling in with Luna Ghost, I’ve also started playing bass for Bloodhounds on my Trail.  Lots of people are kinda pulling double duty now and we love it. I feel like if we had anything as cruel as the UK music press from the 90’s paying attention to us, they’d be tearing us apart! Personally I’m stoked about Day Ravies making it down for the show, although it’s gonna be great to see Kigo live for the first time.
Chris MacLean, Hideous Towns: Yeah for sure, this list forms the majority of my favourite Australian acts of the last couple of years. I’m not as familiar with Miners as most of the others so really pumped to see them, as well as Blush Response and kigo who I haven’t seen live before.
Gabriel Lewis, Lowtide: I’ve seen all the bands except Blush Response, so am especially excited to see them. I’ll definitely be excited to see all the interstate bands playing in the same room. I’m amazed it was all able to fall together like this!


DKFM: Do you think it’s possible to pull off an event like this again?

Chris MacLean, Hideous Towns: I don’t see why not. In my biased mind I can see this being an easy highlight gig of the year, for us as a band and myself as a fan, so if it’s well attended and the venue is happy then it would be cool to see more stuff like this happen again. That would be so dope actually, I don’t really like proper festivals and we never get to play any haha!
Ché Walden, Miniatures: Absolutely! It seems to have come together so easily, simply from the idea to putting it together. I guess we’re fortunate here to have places like The Tote that are willing to go along with something this crazy and just say “Yes”!
Gabriel Lewis, Lowtide: I guess we’ll see how this one goes before considering that. But the amount of bands I had to leave off was really frustrating, so there’s definitely enough talent for another!


DKFM: Do you realize that fans around the world are right now looking at Australia, and talking about THIS event? How does that make you feel?

Gabriel Lewis, Lowtide: I’m pretty surprised, to be honest. I’ve had my head down trying to get this across the line so I didn’t even think about this registering on the global shoegaze community’s radar. Pretty stoked!
Chris MacLean, Hideous Towns: I hadn’t stopped to consider that, but I suppose friends and I are always doing the same thing from their perspective about rad shows in the US or UK or something so yeah why wouldn’t they be, we’ve got a lot of bands here to be jealous of! I’m sure we’d all be keen to take it overseas if someone was willing to get involved bread-wise, maybe some day!
Ché Walden, Miniatures: Bizarre. Down here when you’re a fan of the bands and musical subcultures that we are, you’ve grown up/come up looking outwards, looking backwards, to the 90’s, to times and places we (generally) never saw etc. So the idea of the tables being turned, if only briefly is pretty humbling! I still find it hard to believe that what we have is unique, if it is. Like, surely doesn’t every big city have this? A bunch of bands that like each others music and play together regularly with hardly any competitiveness etc? If not, then we’re luckier than I realised.

Lucky indeed. This event seems to have made an even bigger splash overseas as word of Roogaze 2015 (and this lineup) has spread. Keep an eye on the event page for details, and stay tuned to DKFM for our updates!



More to come…