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Today Shojo Winter released their debut video, for the single “chosen terrors”. The lead track from their forthcoming second EP somewhere else, this single further explores Cure-era textures and moods they’d dabbled in on their first EP. They’ve described it as dreampostgothwave, so obviously they’re going for an entirely different feel than you’re used to. Though Shojo Winter is fronted by Crisis Arm members Kevin and Pat, this is an exploration of an entirely different moody world. “Chosen Terrors” is shot entirely by Pat and Kevin on VHS and color reprocessed, with Cameron and Chris of Crisis Arm providing editing and finishing services.

The track “chosen terrors” itself is haunting, almost impenetrable, but grows more and more with repeated listenings. The song itself is about being uprooted, leaving the home you’ve known for years, and stepping out into the unknown.

Official release of somewhere else on SalopeCassette on December 18th is kicked off by two release shows: Friday 18 December at The dA Center for the Arts, and Saturday 19 December in Lawndale. somewhere else will be a limited cassette release, including a download code for the first two Shojo Winter EPs.

Check out our earlier interview with Shojo Winter for more background, follow Shojo Winter on Facebook, and harass them on Twitter. Follow Salope Cassette via BigCartel.

Thanks to our affiliation with Matthew of Muso Japan, it’s our honor to be able to bring you a world premiere from the new Cryuff in the Bedroom EP. If you listen to this station, you know this is a pretty big deal for us. Right now, this EP is only available at live Cryuff dates, which makes it difficult for international fans. We’re here to help. But we have MUCH more to tempt you with this weekend, including new music from The Lovely Intangibles, the debut single from Time Spent Breathing (featuring members of WAVR), The Poetry Book, and the amazing new collaboration from Spell 336 and Angel Falls, which you can read about here. And, as if that weren’t enough, we’re way deep in the new Day Ravies album, Liminal Zones, out today on Strange Pursuits. Because there’s a lot here to love. Plus we’re spending time with the new talent of the month, Shojo Winter. Catch our interview and EP stream here.

And of course we’re still pushing the new material from Lust, Cattle, White can i buy flagyl online Poppy, Ghost Cat, Trementina, Plush, Wipe, The Yellow Traffic Light, Snow in Mexico, Fake Flowers, Reverse, Blood Candy, Thud, Bleak Boys, Wolf Alice, GLISS, Daydream Cathedral… hey, you know what we do. And we’ll be doing that. A lot of it. It’s New Tracks Weekend. Bring on the new.

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So much awesome, so little time.

Minutes ago, Shojo Winter dropped their debut EP, Eternal Snow. Helmed by half of Crisis Arm, Patrick Capinding and Kevin McVey teamed up to explore their roots, and explore a sound quite different from the Crisis Arm sturm & drang. We caught up with Kevin to ask him what this is all about. Eternal Snow streams below, press ‘play’ and read our interview.

Tell us what’s the motivation behind this new project? Shojo Winter certainly SEEMS different from what you might expect from half of Crisis Arm!

Kevin: Shojo Winter was born from longing. It’s much more in the vein of old Crisis Arm material, I feel.

DKFM: Instrumentation. Who’s doing what? And how comfortable were both of you stretching your skills on different instruments?

Kevin: In Shojo Winter, we kind of jam material with Pat on guitar and myself on drums. We kind of guide each other a bit and then work on vocals/lyrics/bass together. On the recording, Pat plays guitar/vocals and I play drums and bass. We’re both pretty comfortable with this setup since this is originally how Crisis Arm was in the beginning.

DKFM: Would you consider this a “studio project”? It’d be difficult to duplicate this on stage with two primary players, right?

Kevin: Shojo Winter will definitely be a project played live. We are playing our first show (today, in fact) in Pomona, CA, at The dA Center for the Arts. We have our good flagyl online overnight shipping homie Patty Bautista playing bass for us live for now. Really glad to have him help us out with this!

DKFM: Any particular “sound” that inspired Shojo Winter? And how would you describe the sound of this project?

Kevin: Definitely a lot of Cocteau Twins/Lowlife/Chameleons/Cure influence for this project, as well as a lot of post-punk/wave, shoegaze. Really wanted to focus on dynamics and beauty with this. I guess you could call it “dreampostgothwave” haha. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to call it for now.

DKFM: Is this a one-off, or perhaps the start of something long-term?

Kevin: This is definitely the start of something long-term and we have a lot of passion for it, which i hope lasts! We both feel really good about it.

DKFM: What’s next for Shojo Winter?

Kevin: For now, just more writing and shows. The Eternal Snow EP was something that just came together really fast and natural for us. It was really fun to do and we want to keep it fun so we’ll continue to work this way. Hoping to jump on some rad shows in the future, but for now, who knows!
Grab your copy of Shojo Winter’s Eternal Snow EP at their Bandcamp today, and follow them on Facebook. Could be the start of something special.