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Powerful forces dwell just beneath the murk. In the case of Maria False, the power is in the songcraft, snatches of attitude and confident lead lines, buried beneath the murk of light distortion and heavy tape manipulation, layer upon layer. It’s a heady confection, to be sure, but it draws you in even as it makes you dizzy. You may lose your bearings, but Maria False has become too adept at guiding you through the haze to simply leave you lost. The lead single from their new album When is a prime example of this mastery. “Shoot It” is the sound of a confident band who knows the sound from the inside out, and sculpts a work from the fragments of dreams.

Like the song, the video for “Shoot It” is woozy and layered. Motion, open fields and architecture all compete for supremacy through bokeh filters and pale green hues. DKFM is proud to present the video premiere for the Maria False single, “Shoot It”.

“Shoot It” is one of the most compelling songs on When, in an album full of compelling tracks, and is sure to end up on our year-end “Best Of” lists. Right from the opening chord of “Shoot It”, Maria False reminds you why you love this music.

Stream and purchase Maria False When at their Bandcamp site, purchase vinyl and CD via A Quick One Records. Follow Maria False on Facebook and Twitter.