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We’ve been without a chart for the last several months. Blame technical and logistical errors. What follows: the current top ten singles based on listener votes and overall spins.

1. To The Wedding – “Silver Currents”
2. The Lees of Memory – “Little Fallen Star”
3. Tennis System – “Technicolour Blind”
4. Cre•scen•do – “Not Sure Yet” *
5. Night School – “Birthday”
6. Last Leaf Down – “The Theme”
7. Sheer – “Orion”
8. Thud – “Lime”
9. The Cherry Wave – “Whitey”
10. Venera 4 – “Black Paws”

1. A Shoreline Dream – The Silent Sunrise
2. Tennis System – Technicolor Blind
3. Asalto Al Parque Zoológico – Hexadecimal
4. Lubec – The Thrall
5. The Lees of Memory – Sisyphus Says
6. Spirit Lapse – Dark Energy
7. Juvenile Juvenile – Our Great Escape
8. Deepfieldview – Deepfieldview
9. DIV I DED – Born to Sleep
10.Evvolves – Hang

Breakouts, new releases:
Airs – L.A. Blues (Part Time Punks Session)
Downhill Willows – Downhill Willows (First Demos)
Balms – Balms (EP)
The Mites – Bellows
Mumrunner – Zit/Rut
Excusers – No Excusers
La Casa Al Mare – M / CD Girl

* returned to chart after dropping off last month.


Sometimes we’ll play a song on air that makes people stop, and we start getting emails and Twitter messages, “What was that?” This is one of those songs. To The Wedding releases Silver Currents EP on October 28, and the lead single has been generating buzz, both online and on our air.

Aching, delicate and longing, a blend of Mazzy Star and Chris Isaak twang, with a build that only takes you deeper into the trance, “Silver Currents” brings the feel more intently than any of the tracks on Mazzy Star’s latest LP. How is it possible that a young upstart writes more compelling music where can i buy metronidazole pills than many grizzled veterans? For one, Lauren Grubb has spent a good deal of time with the band Minipop, generating tuneful hazy melodies since 2007. But To The Wedding is no mere side project, or one hit wonder.

There’s a depth and shading, an attention to melodic detail here that is fully immersive. It takes only one listen to be hooked. We’re hoping for at least a West Coast tour, as this seems the kind of music you’d make a pilgrimage for. This is a spell best left unbroken.

Preorder your copy of Silver Currents EP (with immediate single download), and follow To The Wedding on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.