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In the wee small hours of this morning, Mumrunner posted their first-ever music video, for ‘Cascais’. One of several standout tracks from their top-rated Gentle Slopes EP, Mumrunner have added a compelling visual imprint to their already intense musical imprint. And, at least around these studios, Mumrunner has been dominating the charts for compelling new music. It’s great to see such an impressive band stretch their boundaries visually.

The band discussed the genesis of this video: “The idea of the video was to put the band members amongst the scenario and scenery of World War II. The video was shot with an old 16mm film camera from the early 1960s to achieve a similar feeling and picture quality with the used archive material, so it’s hard to tell which shots are old and which are new.”

Director Otto Heikola continued: “The inspiration for the song had come from an actual event in which boyish behaviour led to tragedy. In the music video we decided to do something thematically similar, but on a much larger scale, set in the violent events of World War II, with the band becoming part of the action.”

We can’t tell you why it works. Just as we can’t tell you why Mumrunner can’t fail at producing great music. It just works, and they just do. We’d go so far as to say, Mumrunner is the most compelling new band of the last three years, and every new music announcement is a date to mark on our calendars. Solti has got another winner on their hands.

Follow Mumrunner on Facebook and Twitter, and pick up your own copy of Gentle Slopes at their Bandcamp.

It’s a huge weekend, with a lot to get to, much of it new to your ears. We kick off the festivities with the brilliant new single from Mumrunner, newly signed to Soliti and finalizing their first full EP. We’ll heavily feature pre-release sounds from both Echodrone and Venera 4. We’re pushing the new LP from A Place to Bury Strangers, the cripplingly beautiful new single from Pallow (and the crown jewel on their new Confined EP), the new singles from FUTURE, Manon Meurt, Morels, Star Tropics, FLVKE, Crystal Shipsss (sooooo good), Similarity, and the long-awaited return of The Spectors, with a proper master of the first track we played from them way back before electricity was harnessed. It’s amazeballs, and so worth the wait. We’re also heavily pushing the self-titled EP from Salsa Cinderella, which is pretty magical in its own right, and the new EP from Lazy Calm, which has a classic 4AD feel in spots. Add in Himmel, lovethislife, Blue Herons, Stellarscope, Swing Hero and Melted Toys, we win the radio.

Won’t stop there. Conheartist, Youthmemory, Ancient Tapes, Makaras Pen, Pinkshinyultrablast, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Wildhoney, Catch the Breeze, Adelaida, Young Lovers and so much more. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

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