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All of four hours old, the amazingly tuneful Star Horse released the video for their new single, “Slower Now”. While we’re traditionally not “about” videos, it’s always amazing to see a credible independent band grab the medium by the horns and shake it. And last week’s release of the towering single cried out for some panoramic vistas and gritty accents. Classic 80’s/90’s basslines uplift slightly off-kilter chords, leading to Maja Thunberg’s sweet harmonies in the chorus. Certainly “Slower Now” will be in consideration for top 50 end-of-year lists when it’s all said and done.

For Sweden’s Star Horse, it’s an amazing refinement of their sound, and welcomes newcomers to explore the brilliant world they inhabit. It’s hard not to cheer from the sidelines when a really talented band comes into their own. Star Horse is NOW.

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