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We run a radio station. Traditionally, couldn’t care less about video releases. Sorry, but it’s true. But then… one of our favorite bands polishes up one of their recent classics, and makes a video for it. And the whole studio starts to buzz. This is certainly the case with Melbourne’s Arbes, who released one of the sparkling EPs of last year, and the song that cracked #15 on our Top Tracks of 2016 chart. “Sun On My Back” is one of those perennial summer songs that’s difficult not to adore.

In a world full of DIIV knockoffs (and outright parodies), this awkward anthem is everything you could want guitar-based dream pop to evolve into. Sam Pannifex lays down the angular, even mathy guitar riffs, while Jess Zanoni overlays all with a vocal line with warmth and precision. That they’ve configured a hook-laden follow-up to 2015’s “45” should be no surprise. This summer groove didn’t just evolve in L.A., or even Brooklyn. Melbourne doesn’t need schooling on how to bring the sparkly summer vibe. Arbes has been doing it for years now.

Find and follow Arbes via Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. If you’ve missed, you’ve been missing out.

Nylon Magazine this morning premiered the buzzworthy video for the Cre•scen•do lead single “Gatsby”, and it’s a slick piece of work. While we all wait for a release date of their debut LP Lost Thoughts later this summer, and some likely quite special tour news, satisfy yourself with these carefully crafted visuals to match the ringing guitars.

Sure, the band remains headless in this video. It’s either an interesting stunt, or all of them are in the federal witness protection program. The technique helps keep the viewer focused on the song, and the storyline. Keep your eyes peeled here, as we’ll keep you posted on the Lost Thoughts release, and all the other headlines, as Cre•scen•do prepares to go big. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

New PV from Waldo & Marsha? We’re in! Not often we get to see this team in action on this side of the pond, dreamgazing it up as only they can. Still hoping for the wider distribution and recognition these folks honestly deserve, but when they keep putting out compelling material, it won’t be long, buy flagyl online usa right? Check out the new Waldo & Marsha promo video for “All I Ever Knew”.

Backup vocalists: woodland birds. They work cheep.

Find Waldo & Marsha on Facebook, get the new album via iTunes DK, purchase vinyl and more via Discogs. And don’t tell anyone about our poor punmanship.

Perhaps the most impressive debut this year is Flyying Colours’ “Wavygravy”. Self-assured and masterful, Melbourne, Australia’s Flyying Colours have been kicking around since late 2011, but their first single is pure polished sonic bliss. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the newly-released video to accompany the single.

Not simply content to rest on sound alone, these folks can write catchy, memorable tunes. Visit their website, join their mailing list, and you can get your own download of “Wavygravy” immediately! We frankly expect great things from these folks in the very near future.

Flyying Colours website: www.flyyingcolours.com

Flyying Colours Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flyyingcolours