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Crescendo took the West Coast by storm last year with the album Lost Thoughts, anchored by tunes full of optimism and longing. It’s been a long wait since then. Personnel changes, one false start and much songwriting later, Crescendo has finally revealed “Repulsor”, the first track from Unless, their first album for Italy’s respected We Were Never Being Boring label. The same joy, churning and frenetic pace you loved from the Lost Thoughts LP, you’ll find that and more on Unless.


Chief visionary Gregory Cole found common cause with new Crescendo members Olive Kimoto and Jess Rojas, who add another layer of dreamy romanticism to the sound and the vocals. “Writing music has always metronidazole buy online australia been the way for my subconscious to communicate with me,” says Cole. “When I’m put on the spot to write lyrics for a composition, my heart will force out my dearest thoughts that aren’t always known to me.” Whatever the formula is, it’s obviously working.

Preorders are now live for Unless, via We Were Never Being Boring, available on colored heavy splatter transparent vinyl, digital and compact disc.

Upcoming live dates:

11/18-11/20 TEDMED House Band (private event);
Coachella, CA 11/24 The Hideout with Millionyoung;
San Diego, CA 11/25 Harvard & Stone DreamGaze Festival Presents: The New Division[DJ Set] + PART TIME + Millionyoung & Crescendo; Los Angeles, CA



Follow Crescendo via Facebook and Twitter for all the updates, and preorder Unless here.

The new single from Italy’s The Yellow Traffic Light dropped today on WWNBB Collective. Sharing some similarities with the jangly DIIV sound, and bringing an energy and tunefulness all their own, “Cole Drives Too Fast” delivers a mildly controlled chaos, much like an out-of-control driver on a highway late at night (even the drums seem near to flying away at times!). The video itself premiered last week on rockit.it, the single is now available worldwide through your favorite retailer. It’s the first salvo from their new EP, scheduled for release on We Were Never Being Boring in September. Another fine signing by a well-respected label.

The Yellow Traffic Light charted at #32 in our year-end Songs of 2014 list with the epic “Care”, so we can only hope they continue to bring the jangle and shimmer before the year is out!


“Cole Drives Too Fast” is available now via Amazon, iTunes, and even eMusic. Follow the progress of The Yellow Traffic Light on Facebook.

News hitting hot and heavy this morning surrounding Cre•scen•do, label signing, touring and immediate plans. Here is what’s known, in a nutshell:

  1. 1. Cre•scen•do has signed to Italian label We Were Never Being Boring (WWNBB), home of international stars Be Forest. They have planned the follow-up to 2014 Album of the Year Contender Lost Thoughts, expected to be released June 2 of 2015.
  2. 2. They’ve organized and promoted the first-ever DreamGaze Festival in Southern California on Friday 6 March, about 30 minutes’ drive outside LA, and featuring Be Forest, Tennis System, Cre•scen•do, Sheer, and Young Lovers, plus local DJs and music luminaries.
  3. 3. Cre•scen•do plays their SXSW debut on March 21st at L ROCK ATX OVERLOAD FESTIVAL.
  4. 4. A West Coast tour planned for late June, supporting and supported by some of the best bands the West Coast has to offer (as well as DJ Heretic of DKFM).
  5. 5. A European tour in October.


We sat down with Gregory Cole of Cre•scen•do for more details about SoCal’s first-ever DreamGaze Festival.

DKFM: How did the idea for DreamGaze Fest come about?

Gregory: I’ve always had dreams for years of my favorite genres of dreampop, shoegaze and post punk to have genre-exclusive festivals. I also would do whatever it would take to get my favorite bands to headline it, near and far, so this brand is definitely being built for longevity. I think a lot of people who truly enjoy this music as much as I do would be eager to celebrate it as well. Most importantly we want nothing more buy metronidazole online canada than for the genre to flourish & grow. So whatever it will take, we will continue to be working well within our community to develop and support both its artists and fans.

DKFM: What do you hope to accomplish by bringing THIS group of artists together?

Gregory: You know I love everyone on this bill, and I want nothing but the best for everyone I meet. Obviously I’ve been keeping a personal connection with everyone and we’ve all been working together as a team to support each other in every and any aspect. I honestly feel like I’m playing a mega-lineup festival with all of my friends, even though it’s honestly much more than that. I want the world for them, and won’t stop until they have it.

DKFM: Do you see this as a one-off festival, or is it the start of something bigger for the LA area?

Gregory: I’ve been throwing events for years now. Everyone who knows me can expect me to always do my best whether it’s on our level of friendship or when I put together an event for everyone to enjoy. I don’t let people down and I can guarantee this Friday is the start of something very very big, with Friday being incredibly big itself.

Southern California’s DreamGaze Fest is Friday, March 6th, and only those who’ve RSVP’ed can get in. If you’re anywhere NEAR SoCal, you’ll want to reserve your spot. A show THIS massive doesn’t happen every day, or even every year.

Follow Cre•scen•do on Facebook and Twitter.

The much-rumored US tour of Italy’s Be Forest is official as of this morning. If you’re on the West Coast (as we are), you’ll be able to catch them with Tennis System at most stops along the Pacific. But, as if that weren’t enough, Be Forest’s label We Were Never Being Boring simultaneously dropped a video for the band’s cover of the Beat Happening track “Indian Summer”.

Tennis System will be playing in support of their upcoming LP, Technicolor Blind, due October 21.

Be Forest – 2014 Tour Dates
10/22 – New York – Terrorbird CMJ Party @ Cake Shop
10/22 – New York @ CMJ – DROM
10/27 – Philadelphia @ Milkboy
11/02 – Cincinnati @ The Rake’s End w/JERK
11/03 – St. Louis @ Plush
11/04 – Chicago @ The Empty Bottle
11/05 – Milwaukee @ Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace w/Sat. Nite Duets
11/06 – San Diego @ The Hideout w/ Tennis System
11/07 – Tucson @ Solar Culture
11/08 – Phoenix @ Rips Bar – Obscura w/ Tennis System
11/10 – Los Angeles @ KXLU – Part Time Punks
11/11 – Los Angeles @ Los Globos w/Tennis System
11/12 – Oakland @ Night Light w/Tennis System
11/13 – San Francisco @ Knockout w/Tennis System
11/15 – Sacramento @ Witch Room w/ Tennis System
11/16 – Portland @ Rontom’s w/Ghost to Falco
11/18 – Seattle @ KEXP
11/19 – Coeur d’Alene @ Hanging Dcuk w/ Tennis System
11/21 – Seattle @ Hollow Earth w/ Tennis System
11/22 – Arcata @ The Alibi w/ Tennis System