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Video Premiere: Cathedral Bells – Homebody

Written by on August 14, 2018

If you’re familiar with the brilliant Dear Tracks, if you fondly recall Houseplants (who took a star turn at Kalamashoegazer XI last year), you are well aware of the collected works of Matthew Messore. Driving creative force behind both Michigan-based projects, Matt has been shaping and polishing his sonic vision for years now. Transplanted back to his native Florida, we weren’t terribly surprised he’d get back to work promptly on shaping a new sound for his new surroundings. Cathedral Bells isn’t the same as either Dear Tracks or Houseplants, as there’s more experimentation with keyboards and vocal treatments, exploring the outer reaches of modern dream pop.
The debut single “Homebody” dropped last week, mastered by Brian Cook (yes, Panda Riot’s Brian Cook). We’re pleased to present the video of the single here. We’re also happy to catch up with Matt Messore, and learn more about the genesis of this project, as well as the vision behind the video. Press play, read on!

DKFM: Cathedral Bells is a brand new project, a new imprint for you, coinciding with the return to your old Florida stomping grounds. Tell us a little bit about the physical and sonic journey that took you to Cathedral Bells.
Matt: My journey started off on the road driving across the US to find myself. I drove from Portland Oregon back to Central Florida to settle in and work on music. There’s a handful of songs that I’ve been holding onto and working on for quite some time now. I took a break from those songs and started working on new ideas which eventually led to the first single “Homebody”. 
DKFM: Part DIY, all sparkle, dashes of Stranger Things synth lines, and treated vocals. It’s not completely different from your musical lineage, but it does mark a departure. What drew you to this sonic palette to express yourself?
Matt: I feel like the music and feelings were all piecing together coinciding with new music discoveries and personal experiences. A big inspiration for the music of Cathedral stemmed from experimentation with synthesizers and understanding the design behind it. I’ve grown to have more of an appreciation for sample drums mixed with live percussion and analog backing synths to paint the full picture of my ideas.
DKFM: Tell us about the video, envisioned by Nathalia Fagundes. How did the collaboration come together, and how do you feel about the finished product?
Matt: I really wanted to bring a nostalgic feel to the video, and this footage is from the 1970s. I was inspired from the video for “Night Drive” by Part Time. I shared my vision for the video and Nathalia took that and brought a beautiful background story to the song. It kind of reminds me of the 70’s film “Panic At Needle Park”.
DKFM: What’s next for Cathedral Bells? More singles in pipeline, tour plans?
Matt: Every song I have is a different feel. Some of them more darker or electronic sounding, while others are more haunty dream pop with a post punk feel. I will be putting out a 2nd single out soon and then finishing up the first EP that has been in the making for the past year. 

Cathedral Bells’ first single “Homebody” is available now. Follow Cathedral Bells at their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and look forward to new music soon!

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