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Ethereal Fest Kicks Off Saturday

Now in its second year, Houston’s Ethereal Fest launches this Saturday, January 19th, featuring a solid cast of Texas shoegaze and dream pop luminaries. Tickets for a nine-band bill are a bargain at $10 presale, $12 at door. With known names (well, known to our listeners anyway) like Glare, Angel Aura, Dottie, Processions, Daze, Fun […]

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New Tracks Weekend, January 11-13

It’s got to be an embarrassment when the year is less than two weeks old, and the album of the year is released. Surely could have allowed others to catch up? No, Tallies dropped their self-titled debut album on Hand Drawn Dracula, and suddenly everyone else is on notice. This capable crew mines a vein […]

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New Tracks Weekend, December 28-30

We’re simultaneously programming while building out the new website, coming soon. Possibly malnourished and slightly lightheaded. So what? This is what we signed up for, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This weekend were chuffed to trot out the fresh sounds from Elsa (pictured above) whose new (and possibly final as a full […]

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A New Year, a New Website

I won’t begin to pretend this is fully functional. Have had hands in code from Canadian HQ, San Francisco, Austin, and Central California, and it’s at least moderately functional. There’s still much build-out to be done before we implode our older imprint, but the hope is to make the site more engaging and easier to […]

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New Tracks Weekend, December 7-9

Up-to-the-minute fresh tracks, we’re loading in even as we share the new musical jewels. The final pre-release single from NIIGHTS (pictured above) is perhaps the most compelling from the forthcoming album, and it’ll grab and shake you, even if you’re prepared to be shaken. We’re flush with new music from Wyldest, LLOLLYANNA, cmfrtble, Grabbel and […]

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Drowned in a Sea of Sound

Wednesday 9:00 pm

Ariel Late Night

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Top Shoegaze and Dream Pop Tracks, December 2018

Another year draws to a close, one last chart show to celebrate the stellar sounds 2018 has provided us. From 16 October to 1 December, we gathered votes from our listeners, and all the feedback we’ve received, and these are the standout tracks for Winter of 2018. More gorgeous jewels of shoegaze and dream pop […]

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Ariel: January 2019

Heretic: December 2018

Amber: December 2018

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The Alisons – Thoughtless


I can’t even recall how we backed into The Alisons. This credible album spawns too many great and propulsive singles to be ignored as the year ends, as we begin to compile year-end “best of” lists. As we were working on our critics picks, we also backed into this “making of” preview for Thoughtless. And […]
DKFM Promo Video


We’re not that weird. Okay, yes we are. Or at least we were. In recompiling the new website for 2019, we were inadvertently reintroduced to some of our classic works. Including this, our first “commercial” promo video from 2014. We’re only slightly embarrassed by it. But it still exists, and we’ll pretend it’s awesome for […]
Be Forest – Atto I

be forestknockturne

The curtain opens on Knockturne Be Forest do the slow reveal With a puff 0f smoke and a slow curtain pull, Be Forest announce their forthcoming album, Knockturne. The first purchaseable single, “Bengala”, dropped 13 December, so “Atto I” rather serves as the teaser, the mysterious reveal. Knockturne releases February 8th on We Were Never […]