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We are fully overbooked for the weekend, filled beyond capacity with the newest releases. No matter that we broke the website twice in the last week, lost a month’s worth of data, pushed our first three-hour Mixcloud-only special in the past week… all of that is tangential to the point: we’re flush to the gills […]

Balms. Airs. Slowkiss. The Mites. Excusers. Kittinger Freefall. Grinch. Cattle. Cochlear Kill. The Twilight Sad. Tennis System. Yes, we’re doing double duty, both on air and at Slowdive, Warfield, SF. We can do both. We’re professionals. Don’t try this at home. Plus, we’re spinning mucho Plastic Girl in Closet, To The Wedding, Screen Vinyl Image, […]

San Francisco’s Balms kick it into high gear this week, with a sneak preview of “Golden Hair” from their forthcoming EP. Still drawing from their lo-fi roots, they’ve massaged and polished their sound, layering the distortion lower in the mix. The result is brighter and more engaging, sure to win them new converts. Call it […]

There is more new in this New Tracks Weekend than any since we first started the program. Srsly. We purged some Christmas season holdovers, and plugged in a ton of critical “best of 2013” material, and voila! The mostest newest New Tracks Weekend money can buy. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Freshest material from […]

If you’ve had the kind of week you’d like to throw back, we can fix that. Invigorating, refreshing and soothing dream pop and shoegaze sounds all weekend, with our newest contributions from Nothing, unreleased sounds from SF’s Balms, a healthy sampling of Grand Resort, fresh and breezy sounds from Everything By Electricity, plus The Proctors, […]