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We are fully overbooked for the weekend, filled beyond capacity with the newest releases. No matter that we broke the website twice in the last week, lost a month’s worth of data, pushed our first three-hour Mixcloud-only special in the past week… all of that is tangential to the point: we’re flush to the gills […]

The third and final installment of our series on the epic Roogaze festival in Melbourne on May 9th (event link: Roogaze 2015) features our chats with Kigo, Miners and Contrast. If you’re just catching up, check out our previous installments here and here. As we’ve described before, Roogaze is the largest shoegaze / dream pop […]

World premieres and sneak previews? We haz them! First, it’s our huge honor to present a world broadcast premiere of long-missed heroes Indoor Voices. The much anticipated EP is coming soon, and we’re going to tease you with a never-before heard track from one of our favorite bands. Sneak previews? Brand new music from Melbourne’s […]

NEW: Lightfoils, Iris, Glintshake, Heathers, Otoño, Milky White, High/Low, Contrast, Wolf Alice, Comet Control, Power Pyramid, pallow, plus Serfs, Snakadaktal, Gleemer, Kaleidoscopes and more! Shoegaze and dream pop all weekend. With more crammed in right up to last minute, ‘cos that’s how it goes. 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, and continuing through Sunday at […]

As before, we’ve got Nothing for you this weekend. Literally, Nothing. Choice cuts from Guilty of Everything, via Relapse Records (we’ve waited too long for this one), plus brand new Lorelle Meets the Obsolete. Add in Manon meurt with tasty new sounds from Czechoslovakia. Sprinkle in some pre-release awesomeness from Baltimore’s Should, whose fourth LP […]

New, newish, and new to us. Your weekend is packed full of surprises, full of artists you know, and folks you haven’t heard yet. Cos that’s our job at New Tracks Weekend, and we take it seriously. Absolutely amazing contributions from Contrast, Model Railway Exhibition, Winter, Life in Slow Motion, Ovlov, Dead Gaze, Love Dance, […]