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Up-to-the-minute fresh tracks, we’re loading in even as we share the new musical jewels. The final pre-release single from NIIGHTS (pictured above) is perhaps the most compelling from the forthcoming album, and it’ll grab and shake you, even if you’re prepared to be shaken. We’re flush with new music from Wyldest, LLOLLYANNA, cmfrtble, Grabbel and […]

New music in abundance, this weekend is well overbooked! The crowning achievement is the release of the new Tears Run Rings LP, In Surges, which has got us in studio all twitterpated. Their deft touch, their consistent tunefulness remind us why theirs is one of the preeminent voices in the genre, and their occasional absences […]

Jordannah Elizabeth kicks off another memorable TPR Psych Nights with an interview of Dead Leaf Echo’s LG Galleon, a wide ranging chat on everything from touring to working with their new label, Neon Sigh, and a little bit about the upcoming Dream Wave Showcase, featuring a lineup sure to rock the five boroughs. Plus she’ll […]

Labor Day weekend in the States, and time to unwind WHEREVER you live around the globe. Except perhaps Syria*. We will provide you with the maximum new sounds allowed by law, and keep packing them in as the weekend progresses. We’ll share newest tracks from Last Leaf Down, Tape Deck Mountain, Dead Horse One, Lycia, […]