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So much fresh this weekend, so many headliner-worthy releases. Along with the new single from Blushing, we’re repping the amazing new album from The Alisons (pictured above). This Kingston, Ontario three-piece is making a joyous noise that simply demands your attention. We’ve finally got hands on the new Single Lash LP, released today on Holodeck […]

Around here, we overcome a weird week with great music. It’s a healing balm, helps us overlook all form of issues. New Tracks Weekend wins the week. As a forinstance: the debut album from Moscow’s COSme (pictured above). Lead single “Newclear” proved to be a revelation, and each successive single built anticipation for this masterful […]

We are literally overloaded. There’s so much great new music, it won’t fit. We’ll shove it all in and press it down anyway. From Philly’s always compelling Crown of Pity, to Austin’s continuing reverb dominance, in the imprint of Dottie (pictured above), there’s a veritable plethora of exceptional new tunes, and we’re thrilled to share […]

Weekend. Couldn’t come a moment too soon. We’re packed to the rafters with new choons from Alpha Male (welcome back, it’s about bloody time), new hazy distorted sweetness from Lavender Blush, Des Roses, Haiku Garden, Mercury Girls, the beachy fuzz of Sci-Fi Caper, Seven Tin Stars, Sonic Visions, Starcleaner, Tuath, Venture Lift, Violetic, Voices from […]