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A lot of folks were brokenhearted about the dissolution of the brilliant Australian band Miniatures. We would know, we were top of that list. By all accounts the breakup was amicable, geographic changes were the primary factor in the collapse of Miniatures following the release of their critically-acclaimed Jessamines LP on Saint Marie Records last […]

When there’s so much new music to promote that we can’t even keep our dates straight? That’s a helluva month. And we’re topping last week already (but we’ll keep dates accurate this time). Airiel and Miniatures headline. Both albums dropping soon, surely you’ve preordered by now? But we’ve also been granted a few choice cuts […]

Can you hear me now? How about now? If you can hear this broadcast, congratulations! You’re one of the lucky ones. We’re caught in the middle of an epic legal battle between two multibillion-dollar music companies fighting over Taylor Swift royalties, though we have quite little to do with either of them, and wouldn’t put […]

Twas the weekend before DreamGaze, and all through the studio… sorry, /tangent. New Tracks Weekend THIS weekend revolves around headliners Miniatures, whose first single from the LP Jessamines is finally on our air. We’ll keep you posted on the release as it draws near. Plus, we’ll get you the preview of the spectacular Bloody Knives […]

What began as a simple idea of a few shoegaze and dream pop bands coming together to do a tribute to The Cure (shortly after Robert Smith’s birthday, no less) evolved as a premise. What had been a tribute show in a small venue became a much more ambitious festival, showcasing the talents of the […]

We are the purveyors of new. This weekend, no exception. Brand new track from Cre•scen•do debuted on Spin Magazine this week (we’ve got that!), plus the newest from The Daysleepers, Static in Verona, The History of Colour TV, Sighs, Schonwald, Miniatures, Let’s be Loveless, Taffy, Kid Foguete, Clustersun, Allusondrugs, The Watchmakers, We Keep the City […]

Leftovers are for suckers. We bring the new. Shiny new treats from Brief Candles, Cull, Miniatures, Soundwire, Hammock, Cascadia, Slow Bird, Alaskus, cockamamie, Vicent Martin, Soundwave, Jaq Gallier and more! We’re underway at 8 pm Eastern, 5 Pacific Friday night, continuing all weekend. It’s the first weekend we’ll spin some of these tracks, and may […]

Now larger than ever before, we ought to just run the new stuff all week! It starts with new Solar Powered People, The Stargazer Lilies and Day Ravies. Add to that fresh sounds from old favorites Miniatures and Glaswen, plus Lanterns on the Lake, Swandive, The Last Port, Beliefs, Bailter Space, Silver Swans, Fantasyprom, Zeit, […]