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polar lows

We made it! We survived the clusterbomb that was 2020. That alone is cause for celebration, and celebrate we shall. This weekend’s star cast includes standouts Polar Lows (pictured above), The Florist, Glia, The Meeting Places, Vicious Blossom, Seven Hour Days, Aire Espacial, Starry Eyed Cadet, Yeah Baby, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Mint Julep, Sun Shines Cold, Sunflares, […]

We’re doing fifteen things simultaneously in the DKFM studios. Just how it rolls sometimes. Gearing up for Kalamashoegazer 13 in less than three weeks, and it’s certain to be a party! But among our responsibilities, generating the top airplay charts, as voted by our listeners via the DKFM app. It’s an important responsibility, and one […]

What we lack in sheer quantity, we make up for in superior quality this weekend. The vast majority of tracks added to weekend rotation this weekend are also graduated to “hot rotation”, as there’s nothing less than excellence on offer this weekend. Our headliners include Reveries, who’ve just broken the shoegaze internet by signing to […]