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Team Members

Simon Leclerc has spent years in and around quality radio, including a stint in the college radio trenches (back in the 90s, when that was an legitimate thing).

Based in the East Bay of San Francisco, Richard Gehring frequently attends shows and festivals, catching the breaking new talent. Recently he has been volunteering to assist bands with advice regarding tour logistics, merchandise management, and promotions.

Renee Coutlee has been hard at work documenting the scene for the last five years, and has been our chief photographic contributor since 2017. For coverage of festivals, concerts and special events, Renee has been our go-to professional for high quality show photography. Find her portfolio at Renee Coutlee Photo.

Deborah Sexton is a freelance journalist who owns Sentient Sound Promotions in Austin, Texas. Its mission is to promote bands and music projects and help them gain more exposure. You may contact Deborah at or message her at the Sentient Sound Promotions Facebook page

DJ Steve is a seasoned radio announcer and musicologist. As the host of Static Waves, he brings fresh energy and enthusiasm to DKFM every Monday night, 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific, with a repeat twelve hours later.

Dani brings her warmth and personality, and sometimes her cat, to every episode of This Radiant Hour.

Drowned in a Sea of Sound host DJ Krissy is a cagey veteran of the dream pop wars, and lead vocalist of the band Whimsical.

Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen is the singer and lead guitarist of the blistering Danish postpunk group, The Foreign Resort.

Matthew Bedford is host of Muso Asia, aired twice monthly on DKFM.

DJ Ariel is a recovering goth girl, now a shoegaze DJ under our banner. We'll not speak of the former.

DJ Heretic is a citizen, civilian, pedestrian; also the founder and structural visionary of DKFM Shoegaze Radio since its inception in 2011. His references are all obscure, and nobody cares what his name is.

The Shoegaze Collective was originally created by Paul Lopez as a haven and a destination for shoegaze and dream pop lovers to discover new bands, share news, debate favorites and promote a genre that very few people knew much about.